Tuesday, January 3, 2012

York Chocolate Cat Picture

A York Chocolate cat picture will be a rare picture. And even when you have found a picture entitled, "York Chocolate" you might not be looking at a York Chocolate or at least a pedigree cat or purebred cat. The fact that I have used a Wikimedia image, albeit cleaned up, is indicative of the fact this is a rare cat breed. It is also a cat breed that has its origins in random bred cats (as have many others). But as this is a cat of nicely moderate appearance, and as you will see random bred cats that look similar, you will of necessity bump into cats that are claimed to be York Chocolates but which are not. They will be handsome chocolate colored, fine semi-long haired cats but not purebred cats. That does not make them lesser cats, however. Also the Tiffany looks similar to this cat.

The colors are not confined to dark chocolate as they also include: white and chocolate (bicolor), solid lilac and lilac and white (bicolor). One cat association, the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) at 2012, recognise this cat breed at championship status (the highest form of recognition). The biggest registries are yet to recognise this newish cat breed. Read more if you wish...


Anonymous said...

i had a cat that looked just like the cat shown.. im wondering if she was a york chocolate. but it says theyre rare.... hmm

Michael Broad LLB, ARPS said...

Yes, they are rare if they are true York Chocs but a lot random bred cats look similar because this breed was created from random bred cats and has no strong defining physical characteristics. You may have a York Choc look-a-like. Thanks for visiting and asking.

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