Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maine Coon Slide Show

The best Maine Coon pictures on the internet in a large format slide show. Most of the pictures are of course by the celebrated Helmi Flick. The cats that Helmi photographs are nearly always show cats and some are really high class award winners at the top of the show cat tree. Some of the other pictures are by Dani who lives in the Netherlands. She is an amateur photographer and breeds cats including traditional Persians, Ragdolls and Maine Coons. All the photos have credits.

Fine photos by Helmi Flick, Dani and others

The Maine Coon has a very distinguished appearance I think. It is what cuts them out from other purebred cats.

You will see "pretty" Maine Coons registered with the CFA and more shaggy, natural Maine Coons registered with TICA. You will see a slight difference between the US Maine Coons and the Dutch cats.

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