Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ragdoll cat photo by Giane Portal

Giane takes lots of brilliant cat photographs so I have chosen this one more or less at random. They are all great photos. You can see some more of her Ragdoll photos on this Flickr page.

You know what they say about Ragdoll in relation to the eyes. Well this cat has the Ragdoll eyes: clear, crystal China-blue. The face looks perfect Ragdoll to me. It is a pointed face like the Siamese but interrupted by the white spotting gene producing a very symmetrical inverted, white "V". This is the way I visualise the Ragdoll face.

Anne Baker the creator of the breed also created a ton of mystery around the creation. This has proved very effective, actually. It was no doubt done deliberate to create interest while seeking recognition for the breed.

It is all fiction, of course! We just have a very attractive long haired that tends to be docile. Do you live with a hyperactive Ragdoll cat?!

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