Friday, April 27, 2012

Cats and Bicycles Picture

Cats and bicycles go together! They look very together in this picture by Bob Hanson. Perhaps the harmony comes from the nice composition and perhaps the harmony comes from the fact that the kind of person who has a cat companion is more likely to have a bike.

Four cats and four bikes - Photo copyright Bob Hanson

Bob rescued the four cats and he acquired the vintage bikes. He says that the four cats are a mother (far left) and her three sons. They were abandoned by a neighbor who moved home and simply left them behind in mid-winter. That, I am afraid to say, is not particularly unusual.

I rescued my late lady cat, Binnie, in exactly the same way in London. Bob had them spayed and neutered and he says cats have always been part of his life. He sees them as companions not "pets". That's what we like to hear.  It is the only way to relate to a cat and respect the cat.

Bikes are more likely, I would argue, to be owned by independently minded, intelligent people. This is the sort of person who tends to like the domestic cat. That is why cats and bicycles go together harmoniously.

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