Friday, June 1, 2012

Regality Out of Normality

A very regal cat by fofurasfelinas
A very regal cat, a photo by fofurasfelinas on Flickr.
I'll try explain what I mean in the title! This handsome grey cat photographed by Giane Portal (AKA fofurasfelinas) has a regal bearing as Giane rightly says.

He has a nice upper class profile. He has a slender, toned body and is well bred and raised! He has got to be regal.

Yet as far as I am aware he is a random bred cat - a commoner...He is not a champion purebred cat with the name "Prince" in it.

He is just an elegant, ordinary cat who has a regal bearing.

Giane chose the background really well. There is a nice balance between the neutral grey coat and the colorful background.

So...what can we learn from this? Every cat is a prince and princess. You just have to get to respect them all, know them well and love them tenderly.

Here is a post about an unwanted cat who is a true princess: The RagaMuffin Cat and the Princess.

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