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The Feral Cats Of Israel

One thing is for sure: there are a lot of feral and stray cats in Israel. I have been there and seen them first hand. The picture at the top of the page is of feral cats in Tel Aviv. In that city there is one feral cat for every person. They live a harsh life but people like to feed them and as you can see in the photograph the cats like to procreate. 20,000 cats and kittens are received by shelters every year in the Tel Aviv region alone. Apparently, in the 1980s the idea of neutering feral cats came about but before that stray and feral cat population control was somewhat cruder; poisoning on masse, which brings to mind the treatment dished out to feral cats in Greece after the holiday season. Apparently, strychnine was used to poison the cats of Israel. Population control by poisoning is now illegal. The Israeli Supreme Court ruled against the poisoning of cats in June 2004. Trap-neuter-return is now the norm and it seems that the Israelis have taken this well-known proc

GoPro: Cat Bike Guy - Philadelphia, PA

The joie de vivre of living with a cat in a city and travelling around the city with your cat on your back. This video is full of the joys of life. It sings and it is fun. I love the connection between the man and his cat which is heightened I believe because this looks dangerous. However, the man does not think it is dangerous and for some reason I trust him. I trust his judgement and he looks confident that both him and his cat are safe on their escapades speeding around this city which to me looks as if it is Paris but it is Philadelphia! There is a great connection between these 2 and I wonder if that makes the whole thing safer. They seem to understand each other completely and have a routine and that too makes the whole process safer. I'm sure a lot of viewers will think that this person is a bad cat caretaker, a bit wild and stupid and you know he might be but I don't think he is. I think he decided to do this with his cat with careful consideration and he built

Why does my cat groom so much?

Why does my cat groom so much? Of course, he's grooming his coat. You might think that the obvious answer is that he's cleaning himself and that is the only reason why he does it. That is one reason but not the only reason. Not only is he cleaning away dust and dirt when he licks his coat he is also making his coat into a more efficient insulating layer. This keeps him warmer when required. Cats do not have sweat glands. As you know sweat evaporates and cools us down. Instead of sweat, in warm weather, the cat will groom himself so that his saliva evaporates on his fur thereby cooling him down. In addition, when a cat is lying in sunlight, vitamin D is produced on his hair.  A cat will lick off and ingest this vitamin D, an essential vitamin. When we are agitated sometimes we scratch our head or bite our fingernails. Instead of this, a cat might lick his coat or his nose. A cat will feel better when he does it and it is called displacement activity. You will notice t