Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GoPro: Cat Bike Guy - Philadelphia, PA

The joie de vivre of living with a cat in a city and travelling around the city with your cat on your back.

This video is full of the joys of life. It sings and it is fun. I love the connection between the man and his cat which is heightened I believe because this looks dangerous.

However, the man does not think it is dangerous and for some reason I trust him. I trust his judgement and he looks confident that both him and his cat are safe on their escapades speeding around this city which to me looks as if it is Paris but it is Philadelphia!

There is a great connection between these 2 and I wonder if that makes the whole thing safer. They seem to understand each other completely and have a routine and that too makes the whole process safer.

I'm sure a lot of viewers will think that this person is a bad cat caretaker, a bit wild and stupid and you know he might be but I don't think he is. I think he decided to do this with his cat with careful consideration and he built up to this gradually so that he understands the risks and he understands that his cat is safe.

Of course, if the man on his bike should have an accident and falloff then the two would fall off which would put the cat in the middle of a road with traffic. That would surely end in tragedy for the cat.

So we are balancing the joys of living against the possible tragedy of death and a shorter life. What do you think is best? It seems to beg the question whether living a short and full life is better than living a long and dull one. I am being too philosophical but when I see this sort of video which carries danger for the cat while the cat is having fun I can't help but think of these bigger issues and I'm drawn to the conclusion that what they are doing is right and proper.

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