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PETA list of companies that test on animals

If you click on the link below you'll be taken to a list of companies that test on animals. I would hope that animal advocates take the time to read the list. However, it is difficult, I believe, to avoid buying products on supermarket shelves that have been involved in any way with animal testing because, firstly, there is a plethora of products and secondly, you don't know which manufacturer is ultimately responsible; meaning the umbrella company. APOLOGIES FOR THE INITIALLY WORD BLIND TITLE WHICH HAS BEEN UPDATED (TWICE)! Photo by Understanding Animal Research - original photo . You might read that the manufacturer is a smallish company but it may well be owned by one of the big multi-national companies such as Colgate-Palmolive who do animal testing. I believe they contract it out but ultimately they are responsible for it. In addition, most consumers in a supermarket are in a hurry to do their shopping and get home. Well, at least the men are!  However, the only

Photos of Cats who Survived Westberry Cat Hoarding Tragedy

Photos of Surviving Cats From Julianne Westberry Cat Hoarding Tragedy This is a cross-post of cats that have survived a cat hoarder's worst efforts to kill them through neglect. The woman is the now infamous: Julianne Westberry.   It is a terrible story that has been well documented on the main website . Here are the cats. More cats were found dead than alive at this cold-hearted cat hoarder's property. These are the lucky ones: If anyone wants to adopt leave a comment.

Asiatic Cheetahs in Iran are Unique but Neglected by Iranian Authorities

We are told that only a "few dozen" Asiatic cheetahs remain in Iran . A forgotten species of wild cat; sidelined by political confrontations. These are the big issues for humankind -- shame that very late in the day the Iranian authorities are making a last ditch effort to save the Asiatic cheetah in Iran. It is probably too late because the population size is arguably too small to achieve sufficient genetic diversity to ensure that inbreeding is avoided. Inbreeding results in infertility which in turn further diminishes the chances of survival - a downward spiral (see Siberian tiger habitat ). Iran's World Cup football team were involved in cheetah conservation. There used to be about 400 Asiatic cheetahs in Iran as recently as the 1990s, we are told (I am not sure about that to be honest) but numbers have plunged to an "estimated" (estimates are often optimistic) 50-70 individuals. The cause is the usual suspects: poaching, hunting the cheetah's

Cat Hoarders Don't Care About the Cats

If more proof were needed and I don't think it is, the Kansas City cat hoarder is a good example of how people who collect cats and fail to care for them really don't care about the health and welfare of their cats despite what they profess. This is a lady who rented out to apartments in Kansas City but didn't live in them herself . About 70 cats lived in them but, of course, in complete squalor and utterly neglected by this woman. She actually called the authorities herself in order to get help so she was able to think rationally and at that moment was belatedly concerned about her cats but now a month later with most of the cats gone but some of them still roaming around the area she has failed to clean up her flats which are apparently still in a state of high squalor and smelling to heaven because of the urine and faeces inside them and I suppose other mess and detritus. Not only does this woman not really care about her cats' welfare she appears to be disre

Change of Appearance of Website

This is a quick note just to say that I have change the appearance of this website to try and match it up to the main website . There are a number of sub domains for PoC serving various purposes which were set up many years ago because at that time building a website was highly complicated and I was able to create subdomains which made writing content far easier. This site then closely matches the main website to try and create a seamless appearance. Here is a very nice picture by Helmi Flick to brighten up this current post. Moggie! Glorious random bred cat -- photo copyright Helmi Flick