Thursday, June 26, 2014

Change of Appearance of Website

This is a quick note just to say that I have change the appearance of this website to try and match it up to the main website. There are a number of sub domains for PoC serving various purposes which were set up many years ago because at that time building a website was highly complicated and I was able to create subdomains which made writing content far easier. This site then closely matches the main website to try and create a seamless appearance. Here is a very nice picture by Helmi Flick to brighten up this current post.

Moggie! Glorious random bred cat -- photo copyright Helmi Flick

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Michael Broad LLB, ARPS said...

Thanks Kylee. There are about ten "subdomains" of PoC. Subdomains are satellite sites and I am trying to get them to look the same, which is tricky. It is why I changed the appearance of the main site slightly recently.

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