Chancellor of the Exchequer's Cat Freya Hit by Car

It was totally expected. Very recently, Freya has been hit by car because she wanders all over Central London in one of the areas where the traffic is at its heaviest and let's not forget that traffic is heavy anywhere in London a lot of the time.


So we have to conclude that George Osborne, the current chancellor of the exchequer, and his wife are irresponsible cat owners because they let their cat wander all over the most dangerous place for a cat on earth, practically. Let's also not forget that trauma - and by trauma I mean being hit by a car on a road - is one of the major causes of death of the domestic cat in the world today.

Any decent cat caretaker knows that they must supervise their cat if he or she goes outside in an area where there is traffic. That's common sense. Anybody knows that but apparently George Osborne and his wife who are both highly educated don't realise it or they have some sort of intransigent, unreasonably idea that a domestic cat should be allowed to wander wherever he/she likes.

This is clearly a ridiculous idea if you live in the middle of London which is exactly where the Chancellor of the Exchequer lives. George Osborne and his family are setting a deplorable example on how to look after a domestic cat but when the news media reports this story they appear to make no reference to that important fact.

There are places where a certain sort of cat can go outside safely but some cats like to wander far and wide and Freya is one of those cats. She has a history of wandering long distances over central London.

That might be all right if George Osborne lived in the country but even then I wouldn't allow it myself because you just do not know what hazards are awaiting your cat. I think it is time that somebody other than me criticises George Osborne and his wife for this sort of behaviour. It simply is not good enough.

Apparently, although Freya has been hit by a car very recently and she has been seen by a veterinarian, she appears to be all right as far as I know but let's wait and see what the follow-up news on this.

As far as I'm concerned it is only a matter of time before Freya is killed on the roads of London and if she is not it will be a matter of extreme good fortune.


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