Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Cat very angry at owner for bringing new dog to the home

I don't know whether it's 100% certain that this cat is responding so angrily to the appearance of their owner arriving with a new dog companion but if it's true then the human has a mightily difficult job in integrating the dog into the family. This cat is going to resist it all the way judging by his or her reaction.

Cat does not get along with the family dog
Cat does not get along with the family dog. Photo: Pixabay.

The issue of integrating a new companion animal into a home where there is a resident companion animal is problematic. Not enough people endeavour to ensure that it goes off well. And it is very hard to make it work predectably.

I think animal rescue organisations should allow adopters to have the adopted animal for a week with the option to return at the end of the week if things don't work out and to keep the pet if it does. Perhaps they already do it but I have not read about it.

We know that there are disharmonious relationships between companion animals in homes but we don't know how common they are. And the friction caused often never really dissipates. The animals learn to live together but cat and dog owners want more than that. They want harmony and their pets getting along and supporting each other.

That is one of the objectives of getting another animal.

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