Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Biden says China to face repercussions on human rights but what about animal rights?

I'm sure hundreds of millions of people are happy that Biden says China must face repercussions on human rights. Apparently he had a two hour conversation on the phone with the Chinese president Xi Jinping. On CNN he implied that President Xi knows that there will be repercussions, "Well...there will be repercussions for China and he knows that".

Biden and Xi
Biden and Xi. Let's have some hard talk about animal rights please. Pic in public domain.

He is of course referring to the abuses of human rights with respect to the Chinese Muslim community which has been well reported in the news media for a very long time. I think we can conclude that there is hard evidence of these abuses. It's been referred to as genocide because of forced sterilisation.

But this brief note is not about human rights, concerning as they are, it's about animal rights which are even more dramatically abused in China. I'm referring to the fur trade business in China which is the biggest in the world. I'm also referring to the cat and dog meat trade in the south of China.

I know people will say that eating cat and dog is no different to eating normal livestock but it is. These animals are killed brutally. They are rounded up from streets sometimes in the north of the country and ship down south. Sometimes they are people's pets and often times they are feral cats but this is a total breach of animal rights. There is no discussion about that. If you know about the Chinese cat meat and dog meat trade you will have to agree with me. 

The photos are too horrible to publish here. It is that bad believe me.

You could perhaps almost justify eating cats and dogs if they were killed as per European slaughter house standards. But even then I would question the concept of eating domestic cats and dogs. They are our pets. It is not part of the human-cat or dog 'contract' that we eat them. We are meant to support each other. That is the original concept and we need to stick to it.

But above all if the Chinese, because of their superstitions, think that eating cat is good for them then, please God, kill them humanely before you eat them. And if you don't and consistently abuse animals as you do, I would like to see President Biden bringing this into the equation.

It is no good confining our criticism of China to human rights. What is so difficult about joining human rights with animal rights? Why couldn't he say that China will face repercussions for human and animal rights abuses? 

You just have to add three words "and animal rights". Those three words may save the lives of millions upon millions of cats and dogs who die under incredibly distressing circumstances. What's so difficult about that?

And it is particularly galling to me because President Biden is an animal lover. He seems to have forgotten them in his statement. I trust that he will do the right thing and let's not forget the animals, please.

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