Friday, February 19, 2021

Domestic cat contracts TB from badger

A domestic cat in Ireland contracted TB from a badger which had been vaccinated with the BCG vaccine. I don't have any more information as it is reported on one website: but that site requires registration to access their content. The report is troubling as I think it is the first report that I have seen of a domestic cat contracting TB from a badger. 

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay 

The information would seem to be at least potentially of a real concern to domestic cats anywhere particularly in countries where it is normal for domestic cats to be indoor/outdoor cats as in the UK. I am particularly aware of this hazard as I put out food for foxes and I also know that a couple of foxes and a couple of badges eat the food. 

Thirdly, my cat walks around the same places as these wild animals. Is there a chance that my cat could contract TB? I think that it is highly unlikely but the story tells us that there is a possibility.

Although the document is undated (presumed middle of 2020), and article online from the University of Edinburgh tells us that they were investigating a cluster of TB infections in cats which may have been linked to a certain type of raw pet food. I wrote about this at the time - click here to read the article. 

They also say that most cases of TB in cats are caused by infected bites. The prevalence is low in the UK, in that they write: "More than a hundred cases of TB in cats are reported in the UK each year. The majority are caused by infected bites from wild animals."

This seems like a very low number and they don't report that TB can be transmitted from cattle to domestic cats.

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