Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Big cats in England? It is time to stop the charade.

The "Beast of Somerset" has emerged again from those soggy fields and behind trees. The Sun newspaper, ever ready to sensationalise, declares that a big cat the size of an Alsatian has been filmed and it is the clearest ever footage of the "Beast of Somerset". 

First off, an Alsatian is much smaller than a big cat but that is beside the point, I suppose. The video clearly shows a black domestic cat of standard size walking across a field. If people have difficulty in assessing the size of a cat at a distance, then you only have to look at the way the cat walks, i.e. their gait, to tell you that this is a domestic cat.

Clearly a black domestic cat enjoying an outing near his home in some adjacent fields. Not a Beast of Somerset as sensationally claimed. Photo: Kennedy News Media.

Big cats walk in a very masculine way if that's a good description, even if they are female. They saunter and they are very muscular in their limbs. It is a completely different way of walking and running. It is highly noticeable and this black cat is trotting like a domestic cat, using delicate and dainty steps. And the limbs are far too skinny to be a big cat.

I suppose that just because the cat is black somebody thinks of a black panther and we have a big cat on the loose in the south-west of England. No, it's just a quiet news day when the editor is asked to somehow fill the newspaper. It's a complete laugh and it is transparent and of course the editors of the newspapers know exactly what they're doing. The problem is that some people, some frankly gullible people, actually believe it. 

There is a group of people in England who believe that there are scores of big cats of various species hiding away in copses in the British landscape but all we ever see are grainy, blurred videos and images which is highly convenient because they don't provide us with sufficient information except when you can tell a difference by the way they walk!

It is time to stop this charade. I have written articles about this before and on every occasion, I've been proved right. I have also written about what I believe to be the best test if one is needed (and it is not to be honest) to gauge whether a video of a so-called big cat is genuine, which is the way they walk as mentioned. 

You can use YouTube if you want to study the differences. The big cats saunter and trot in a lugubrious nonchalant way whereas the domestic cats step daintily through the wet grass and their paws are tiny in comparison. I won't go on because I've made my point. The problem is the news media won't stop presenting these ridiculous news stories so they don't get the point, sadly.

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