Monday, May 17, 2021

Cat eats all of mouse efficiently, no mess, leaves behind gallbladder

My cat is an incredibly efficient catcher, killer and consumer of mice. He eats the entirety of the mouse in about 60 seconds. There is almost no blood, and sometimes absolutely no blood, left on the floor and he always, or nearly always, leaves behind what I believe to be the gallbladder. That is what the photograph shows on this page. It is quite a big organ and I have always believed that domestic cats leave behind the gallbladder because the bile inside the organ is too bitter for their taste. Everything else is consumed with great cleanliness! Does your cat do the same thing?

Gallbladder left behind after my cat consumed his mouse
Gallbladder left behind after my cat consumed his mouse. He eats very efficiently and cleanly. No mess. No blood and no fuss. All in 60 seconds. All you hear is the crunching of bone. Photo: MikeB.

The remarkable aspect of my cat's behaviour is the efficiency in which he eats mice. I guess it is a testament to the eons of evolution that has resulted in this pinnacle of predation and consuming. I guess that it is to be expected that he would be this efficient. Mice are top of the menu for the domestic cat. Everything that they do is geared around hunting, killing and eating mice. It is their raison d'ĂȘtre for living. They are, as is commonly stated, killing machines at the top of the food chain. No animal is better at killing. 

All you hear when my cat eats a mouse is the sound of the bones crunching. He starts at the head. It is remarkable that he is able to dissect out of the body everything so cleanly and leave this scrubbed gallbladder on the carpet. It is nice that I don't have to clean up after him except pick up the gallbladder and put it into a waste bin.

Of course, I dislike the whole process. I hate it when he brings in mice and eats them in my home. And of course, sometimes they escape and run under an item of furniture so I have to capture the mouse and release it. Perhaps there is no point in releasing an injured mouse because they will die anyway but I am compelled to do it. My cat is aware that I might intervene so sometimes he growls at me to tell me to go away. It is his prey animal and his alone to eat.

The worst moment is the scream a mouse emits when the killing bite is inflicted upon him. It is audible to me because the mouse is screaming at the top of his lungs. It is tragic and I hate it.

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