Thursday, May 20, 2021

TikToker can't wake up her kitten and thinks he's died suddenly

This cat owning woman who has a TikTok account planned to wake up her kitten and while doing it to video her kitten's reaction. The kitten was obviously in a deep slumber. She picked him up but he refused to wake up. She gently shook him and no reaction. His head flopped around as she gently carried and shook him.

She became concerned. It seems that at one time she believed that he might have died suddenly. Young kittens can die suddenly but this kitten is probably out of that age range where they can suffer from sudden death syndrome. Nonetheless she remained concerned and looked into the camcorder because she thought she would be able to simply wake him up and I feel that she was genuinely surprised by his non-reaction. See image below....

Woman looks concerned into the camera as she tries to 'revive' her kitten
Woman looks concerned into the camera as she tries to 'revive' her kitten. Screenshot.

She wanted to prank her kitten as she said but he pranked her she confessed. TikTok users can use a facility when making videos on this platform. They can convert text into a voice-over which I think is very useful because it helps people with difficulties in expressing themselves really well verbally and therefore is a great equaliser allowing people without verbal skills to create good and interesting videos.


My heart stopped for ages …

♬ original sound - Jollymai
The video on this page has been seen over 32 million times (at the last count - 20th May), I am told by the website Newsweek. The lady's user name and real name is @Jollymaii - Jolly Hoang.

"I woke up and thought my cat was in a deep sleep so I recorded myself pranking him and I realized he isn't waking up at all. I started to get really scared. Wake up..." she said.

Kittens do sleep really well as they become very tired from lots of sometimes frenetic activity. I have seen kittens suddenly keel over in tiredness and fall to sleep when sitting up. The same happens to puppies. Cats are polyphasic sleepers - they sleep multiple times in 24 hrs. Humans are not as we all know. Cats take cat naps, hence the phrase 'cat naps'.

Looking relieved as she kisses her kitten. Screenshot.

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