Wednesday, June 23, 2021

My new kitten's first encounter with the big ball of flame in the sky

I love this description from a user: u/Sava333.  Domestic cats are sunworshippers. We know it. This little juvenile cat has discovered that there is a place in the home where the sun shines and he has occupied that space. He is sunning himself. I would expect him to be there again in the future from time-to-time. Why do domestic cats like the sun so much? Because they are domesticated North African wildcats. You can imagine that there is quite a lot of sun in the places where these cats live, such as in and around Syria which, incidentally, is the place where the original domestic cats came into existence, it is believed.

Photo: user: u/Sava333. 

The 'sun and domestic cats' is quite a big topic actually. The sun can cause cancer in the ear flaps of stray and feral cats. You might have seen it: white cats with their ear flaps amputated. The thin covering of fur on the ear flaps does not protect the skin and cartilage below and so the ultraviolet light of the sun can damage the cells causing cancer. And white cats are particularly susceptible because white fur has no pigment. It is white because it is pigmentless not because the pigment is white! This allows the sun's rays to go through it and harm the skin below.

This little fella, in the picture, is a classic, blotched, tabby cat. I think he is going to have a great life. The home looks nice. I have presumed that he is male but this cat could just as equally be female. I say that in the interests of equality bearing in mind the woke movement which is surrounding us at the moment and affecting everything we say especially on the Internet, on social media, where one misstep in the words used can lead to a pile of opprobrium and worse, the loss of your job!

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