Friday, July 23, 2021

Does this domestic cat confront a venomous snake in Bangladesh?

You tell me if this domestic cat in Bangladesh successfully confronts a venomous snake which looks like a cobra to prevent the snake coming into the home. That is what the video maker says. Having watched the video I do not think that it's a correct assessment. It looks to me as if the cat is a little bit bemused by the presence of the snake. 

Cat confronts snake?
Cat confronts snake? Screenshot.

He just sits there looking and the state keeps its distance as well. Why should the snake want to come into the home? Perhaps snakes in Bangladesh do like to come into homes for food or whatever but I suspect not. I don't think that this is a true confrontation between cat and snake.

But that said, domestic cats have inherited the ability to confront snakes from their wildcat ancestor. Stakes are on the menu as our reptiles and insects. I'm not saying that this cat would succeed in beating the snake in a fight. I don't think they would but I also don't think that this cat presents a barrier to the snake in a deliberate act to protect the home. That is anthropomorphising in the cat and exaggerating. It's quite a nice video nonetheless because it shows a snapshot of Bangladeshi life which I quite like.

Cat has prevented Cobra from entering inside for nearly 30 min till the Snake Helpline reached the spot. Our cat is around 1.5 years old & live with us like a family member: Sampad K Parida
The sand cat is one of the cat species which is very adept at killing snakes and feeding on them.

Further, this cat is a Van-type cat because you can see the van markings on the forehead. This is very typical of the Turkish Van. Clearly cats from Turkey at some time in the long distant past made their way to Bangladesh with traders probably. Or they simply evolved by themselves in Bangladesh.

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