How does the jaguarundi reproduce?

The question is a little outlandish because clearly jaguarundi reproduce like any other cat or indeed human as they are mammals; they mate and become pregnant and then give birth. I won't bother to repeat the whole process but I will discuss briefly the reproduction and development of jaguarundi. 

Photo by jindrich_photographe on 500px. This is a quite a mean looking cat.
Photo by jindrich_photographe on 500px. This is a quite a mean looking cat.

It has been suggested (i.e. as at 2002 the scientists were uncertain) that jaguarundis have no breeding season in the tropics, Texas or Mexico but they might have two breeding seasons annually in Mexico or a single breeding season in the fall in the northern part of their range according to my book on the wild cat species namely Wild Cats of the World.

In captivity there have been births in January, June and August through to October. Observations of captive jaguarundi indicate that the period of heat i.e. oestrus is short at about three or five days and that the oestrus cycle lasts for about 53 days.

During sexual receptivity the female engages in more scent markings and rolling on her back. She might also vocalise faintly while depositing urine marks around the enclosure if in captivity. The male shows a great deal of attention to a female in oestrus. He follows closely and tolerates a great deal of aggression from her.

Typically, as is the case with domestic cats, mating is accompanied by a loud scream when the male starts copulation (intromission) and the male grips the female's neck in his jaws during mating which we see with domestic and feral cats. And indeed, with the big cats such as lions and tigers.

Gestation is from 70 to 75 days. The female gives birth to 1 to 4 young. In captivity the average size of 12 litters was 1.83 kittens. In another study of three litters, the average number of kittens was 2.33.


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