Brilliant anti-declaw poster should be published everywhere

Here is another brilliant anti-declaw poster. People should republish this everywhere on the internet. The vets have got to stop harming cats in the interests of financial profit. You know it shocks me that they do it. It is so callous and contemptable. They ignore their solemn oath to do not harm. Something went terribly wrong in the North American veterinary profession. Canada is cutting back on declawing. America is slow to follow. Certain regions of America are terribly backward in terms of getting rid of this 'disease' of amputating cats' toes for no reason other than the convenience of their owner; to protect their bloody furniture! F**k the bloody furniture. What's more important? If furniture is more important that a cat's toes, something is terribly wrong with the human race. Cats walk on their toes for Christ's sake!

You can download this poster full-size by clicking on it and magnifying it by clicking it again. Then right click on it and select 'save as'.


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