Fearne Cotton's 20-year-old cat, Lula, dies

Fearne Cotton announced on her Instagram webpages that her domestic cat companion of 20 years, Lula, has passed. She adopted Lula from the Mayhew Animal Home. She adopted her with another cat, Keloy. Lula must have been very young at the time although we don't know her age at the time of adoption.

Fearne Cotton and Lula
Fearne Cotton and Lula. Photo: Fearne Cotton on Instagram

She took them home to her little cottage in Harrow, UK. Subsequently she moved around a lot and "they've stuck by me through thick and thin".

She says that Lula saw her at her best and at her worst without judgement. She brought love into her life for which she is eternally grateful. And the passing is like an end of an era to her because she can't remember a time when she was not around.

She said:

"Old bird, I will never forget you and the love you gave me. I hope you know how loved you were. You will always be in my heart."

Fearne Cotton describes herself as a mother, broadcaster and writer on her Instagram pages.

Lula in very old age
Lula in very old age. Photo: Fearne Cotton.

The picture above, of Lula, shows us the face of a very old cat. 20-years-of-age is a very good one for a domestic cat. Not many cats make this age. So well done to Fearne Cotton for doing a great job of cat caregiving and in adopting a black cat by the way. A lot of people reject black cats for well-known reasons.


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