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Dancing high filial Savannah cat in the bedroom

There is one overriding impression when I watch this short TikTok video; the athleticism of the F1-F3 Savannah cat. I am guessing that this is either a first or second filial Savannah cat judging by the size. This places them in a rare category because these high filial Savannah cats have a lot of the male serval genes in them.  Dancing Savannah cat in the bedroom on the bed. Screenshot. They are quite closely related to the wild cat, the male serval, who is the father or grandfather of these cats. There's a lot of wild cat blood in them. In fact, for this reason, in a lot of the states of the USA you will find that these sorts of domestic cats are forbidden unless you have a licence.  They are sometimes considered dangerous by the authorities. Some authorities bracket the F1 and F2 Savannah cat with some genuine wild cat species or other exotic pets.  RELATED:  Why is the Savannah cat illegal ? You really have to be a special kind of person to look after an F1-F3 Savannah cat to a

Freddie Mercury has been reincarnated as a cat because he loved cats so much

I hope this is in good taste. I think it is. Freddie Mercury was one of those guys who loved domestic cats. He really did. If you believe in reincarnation, and a lot of people do, this is him. He returned as a cat. A feline image of Freddie. Reincarnation is also known as rebirth or transmigration. The non-physical essence of a living being begins a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death. Mostaccioli is the cat's name. She can be seen on her own Instagram account @izanami.and.mostaccioli and has taken the internet by storm by closely resembling the late Queen frontman. RELATED:  Freddie Mercury: his ten cats and Bohemian Rhapsody the film . Freddie Mercury has been reincarnated as a cat because he loved cats so much. Image in the public domain. RELATED:  Last known photo of Freddie Mercury was with his cat Oscar . Freddie loved cats and there are many images of him with his cats. I have several pages on this site of Freddie and his cats. One of them