Saturday, January 22, 2022

Dancing high filial Savannah cat in the bedroom

There is one overriding impression when I watch this short TikTok video; the athleticism of the F1-F3 Savannah cat. I am guessing that this is either a first or second filial Savannah cat judging by the size. This places them in a rare category because these high filial Savannah cats have a lot of the male serval genes in them. 

Dancing Savannah cat in the bedroom on the bed
Dancing Savannah cat in the bedroom on the bed. Screenshot.

They are quite closely related to the wild cat, the male serval, who is the father or grandfather of these cats. There's a lot of wild cat blood in them. In fact, for this reason, in a lot of the states of the USA you will find that these sorts of domestic cats are forbidden unless you have a licence. 

They are sometimes considered dangerous by the authorities. Some authorities bracket the F1 and F2 Savannah cat with some genuine wild cat species or other exotic pets. 

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You really have to be a special kind of person to look after an F1-F3 Savannah cat to a high level. They are not for every cat lover. They require a little more input because they are more intelligent. They need stimulating more than the average domestic cat. Because of their value and their impressive stature, you can't let them wander outside. They are likely to be stolen. They are worth about $20,000 (F1) and perhaps more sometimes. It depends upon the filial.

So, you've got to keep them inside and if you do that they want to go outside because they are intelligent and active. And if they've managed to escape then your neighbours, and people further afield, might be concerned because they can mistake an F1 Savannah cat with a genuine wild cat. They call the police. The police turn up and they also mistake the animal for a wild cat of unknown origin and rather than trap or sedate the cat they shoot it. That sort of thing has happened in America.

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A famous F1 Savannah cat called Trouble was at one stage the biggest domestic cat in the world as per Guinness World Records. This beautiful feline escaped his full-time captive lifestyle inside the owner's home and was fairly quickly killed on the road in a traffic accident. That terminated the cat's reign as the biggest cat. A horrendous ending. The owner had difficulty discussing it with anybody. I guess she was too shocked and upset.

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