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Cornish Rex vs Devon Rex

In this article I compare the Cornish Rex with the Devon Rex and the lesser-known Selkirk Rex. I have included the Selkirk Rex as I consider these three the core Rex cats in the cat fancy. I also believe that you will find that the Devon Rex is the best known and most popular followed by the Cornish and then the Selkirk Rex. You can make a choice: (1) stay on this page to see a comparison in photographs by the celebrated Helmi Flick , one of the world's best cat photographers together with a summary of the differences or (2) go to a full-blown description of each cat breed: Cornish Rex Devon Rex Selkirk Rex There is also a Selkirk Rex longhair . All Rex cats have curly hair. That is what makes them Rex cats. The whiskers are brittle and break. Photos strictly copyright Helmi Flick - violations reported to Google (DMCA) Overviews Cornish Rex - This cat has a greyhound-like body conformation. The hair is "marcelled" - wavy or rippled to you and me. The ea