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Cornish Rex vs Devon Rex

In this article I compare the Cornish Rex with the Devon Rex and the lesser-known Selkirk Rex. I have included the Selkirk Rex as I consider these three the core Rex cats in the cat fancy. I also believe that you will find that the Devon Rex is the best known and most popular followed by the Cornish and then the Selkirk Rex.

You can make a choice: (1) stay on this page to see a comparison in photographs by the celebrated Helmi Flick, one of the world's best cat photographers together with a summary of the differences or (2) go to a full-blown description of each cat breed:
  1. Cornish Rex
  2. Devon Rex
  3. Selkirk Rex
There is also a Selkirk Rex longhair. All Rex cats have curly hair. That is what makes them Rex cats. The whiskers are brittle and break.

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Cornish Rex - This cat has a greyhound-like body conformation. The hair is "marcelled" - wavy or rippled to you and me. The ears are huge and the head small and egg-shaped. This is an unusual looking cat and completely different in general appearance to the Devon Rex. This breed dates from 1950 in Cornwall, England, UK. A farm cat produced a litter of kittens, one of which was to become the founder of this breed: Kallibunker. The breed was exported to the USA in 1957 in a pregnant Cornish Rex cat whose two kittens founded the breed in America. In cat fancy terms the body is "oriental" in conformation (slender). The tummy is tucked in like a greyhound. This cat is medium sized and slim and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. The cat in the picture is a bicolor black and white. Temperament: active, talkative.

Devon Rex - Pixie faced cat of considerable charm. Wavy hair and bat sized ears! A sweet little charmer. This breed dates from 1960 in Devon, England, UK. Devon is adjacent to Cornwall in the south west of England. It is a place of farms, retired people and tourists. The breed was imported into the USA in 1968. This cat has large eyes, set wide apart. There are prominent cheek bones and huge ears. This is a slender cat "semi-foreign" type. As for the Cornish Rex the rexed coat is due to a genetic mutation. This cat breed has a wide range of colors and types. The hair can be sparse, which is normal and due apparently to hormonal changes. Temperament: kleptomaniac! Friendly, charming and easygoing.

Selkirk Rex - "Cat in sheep's clothing", is the well-used description. This cat certainly does have the appearance of a sheep. This breed dates from 1987 in the United States (Wyoming shelter cat). The genetic mutation is dominant. Wide range of colors and patterns. This cat is much stockier in appearance - called "semi-cobby" than the other two. The head is round and the ears normal sized. They have a similar structural appearance to the British Shorthair or perhaps traditional Persian. You could say that the Selkirk is less extreme in appearance than the Cornish and Devon Rex cats.  The fur is thick but made up of loose individual curls. There is a shaggy look to the coat, which is soft and dense. Temperament: gentle, loyal and sweet

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