Is your cat this affectionate? Barn cat life may be the best.

Big Puddin is a barn cat and he is very affectionate. It made me think if some or a lot of cats might prefer the life of a barn cat with the added freedoms and a lifestyle that is near the original when the wildcat was first domesticated. I feel that a barn cat's life is a good one. They are cared for by a person but live a more natural life and they have other animals to befriend. You'll see lots of interspecies friendships on farms particularly with horses. I've seen a huge range of cat-to-another animal friendships.

Puddin is an affectionate barn cat
Puddin is an affectionate barn cat. Is it partly because he lives in a barn? Screenshot.

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For some domestic cats the modern human environment might be too sterile. Cats are inherently programmed to enjoy nature and the outdoors. They adapt to indoor life and many people want domestic cats keep inside permanently to protect the cats and the wildlife but they miss one massive point; the elephant in the room. Almost no homes with full-time indoor cats are customised to suit the cat. The environment is not 'enriched' as the experts say. It is entirely made by humans for humans. When indoor/outdoor cats are confined to the home for good reasons they enter a sterile world without the feeling, smells and sights of nature; the sensory experience provided by nature. For me this is not good enough.

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Almost no one wants to invest in making their home suitable for their cat who is referred to as a family member. Clearly not a family member afforded equality of status, however. This is the big flaw in the push to get cats inside the home to protect birds and small mammals and marsupials. And it is hardly ever talked about except by me.

If we are going to keep cats indoors, can we please invest in a lot of alterations to the home to make it enjoyable for cats to live in as well as humans? I know the response will be NO. May be all domestic cats should be barn cats then. They are working cats as well as human companions. A neat arrangement. This may make them more appreciative of human company and therefore make them more friendly.


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