Scottish wildcats and Neanderthals have this in common. Sex with the wrong species.

What could Scottish wildcats and Neanderthals possibly have in common? Sex! Both are extinct although some experts like to think that the Scottish wildcat is extant (meaning not extinct). But I say that it is extinct because over centuries they have been breeding with feral and domestic cats. And in doing so they created hybrids. 

All the offspring of these matings between purebred Scottish wildcats and domestic cats were and are hybrids. There are non-purebred Scottish wildcats.

Neanderthals and Scottish wildcats have something in common
Neanderthals and Scottish wildcats have something in common. Sex with the wrong species. Image: MikeB based on images in the public domain (left) and BANG Showbiz (right).

Therefore, they are not Scottish wildcats. And therefore, the Scottish wildcat is extinct because the hybrids that you see in Scotland, although they look like Scottish wildcats, are not.

The reason why the Scottish wildcats mated with domestic and feral cats is because of sex. They wanted to procreate, and they were unfussy.

However, Neanderthals were fussy, but the experts have now decided that they became extinct because of sex! They believe that there are so attracted to her homo sapiens women that they stopped making love with their own species. They were wiped out by their own libido!

Neanderthals are hominids in the genius Homo, humans, and they are normally classified as a distinct species although sometimes as a subspecies of modern human. That's according to Wikipedia.

It had been believed that Neanderthals became extinct about 40,000 years ago because of war and violence but it seems that sex contributed.

Prof Chris Stringer of London's Natural History Museum said: "This behaviour could have led to the Neanderthals' extinction if they were regularly breeding with homo sapiens, which could have eroded their population until they disappeared."

You have to conclude, therefore, that the women of the species homo sapiens were better at sex than Neanderthal women. And/or they were more attractive.

I suppose that attractiveness is an attribute which helps in survival, and this might be an example of it for these early humans. Cats are less fussy as I said.


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