Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Retired accountant kept three turkeys in her front yard which disturbed the neighbours

Note: within this bizarre story you will find reference to vegan cats which qualifies the story to be published on this website! It is a story about bad neighbours. Crazy neighbours and we have a lot of them.

NEWS AND COMMENT: A retired accountant likes to keep three pet turkeys in her front yard of a townhouse. The lady is Noelle Obcarskas, 64. Her neighbours criticised her for keeping the turkeys in her front yard because of the smell that came from the yard and the noise. News media says that in response she verbally abused her neighbours.

Obcarskas in her yard. Image as per credit.

She posted a series of videos on YouTube of her argument with her neighbours in the village of Pulford, Cheshire, UK.

News media hint or state that she had a tendency to make irrational statements and criticisms of neighbours on her videos and in one video she is shown rambling about "vegan cats" while touring her garden. That's the connection to cats in this article!

She also had a tendency to insult one of our neighbours, John McKimmie, 40, and called him a "little fat bully with a skivvy wife".

She had a tendency to argue with her neighbours both left and right apparently. On one occasion one of her neighbours argued with her because he accused her of deliberately blocking his driveway with large pieces of foam.

My understanding of this dispute (and yours, now, I guess!) is that neighbours on both sides of this lady's home were arguing with her frequently and the root cause of the arguments was the fact that she was keeping three turkeys on her front yard. They disturbed the neighbours.

In other apparent videos she paraded her turkeys down the street while chatting to them. She goaded one neighbour Gareth Lloyd and videoed it at the same time. And on another occasion, she rowed with a neighbour about litter and called him a bully.

We are told that Obcarskas is a vegan which is perhaps why she was talking about vegan cats. Comment: my guess is that she was trying to insult the neighbours by claiming that they fed their cats a vegan diet.

On one occasion she called Mr McKimmie and Gareth Lloyd who had complained about her turkeys, 't***s', 'd***heads', and 'c***s' and added: 'They have left their irrelevant a*** wiping skivvy fishwives out of having anything to say being mere females... In their ego little d*** minds, they are not even ladies.'

Obcarskas walks with a walking stick. At the end of the day after many more examples like the above which I won't bother to repeat here, she was found guilty at the Magistrates Court of harassing her neighbours.

Obcarskas is university educated and she has a partner who lives in Germany apparently. She claimed that she was being targeted by her neighbours because of her Lithuanian heritage and she described her neighbours as "lying Brexiteers with possible pre-senile dementia".

She didn't bother to attend the trial claiming that she had Covid and couldn't. She remarked about that by saying: "It's all about toadyism and Brexit and a couple of people who are very unpleasant. I wish I had gone to the court with Covid because at least I would have had my chance to have my say. I no longer trust anybody. I had never had any issues with any neighbours until Brexit and that's when two little people who are very puffed up wanted a lot of attention.

Sources: Daily Mail and The Times.

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