Saturday, September 2, 2023

Veterinarian reveals the 4 household items that she considers the most dangerous to cats

ABOVE: This nail polish is not on the vet's list but there are many items and chemicals in the home that are potentially of actually toxic to cats. Click on the link below to see a lot of them.

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A veterinarian, Dr. Savageau has revealed what she considers to be the 4 common household items that are actually or potentially hazardous to cats. These are the preferences of this particular veterinarian. There are many other possible hazardous items in the home but I will list the four that this female veterinarian has chosen.


The first item is a very common drug used by humans namely Tylenol which contains paracetamol. 

We know that paracetamol is very toxic to cats and Dr. Savageau confirms this by saying that, "Tylenol is very toxic to cats and can kill them quickly even if they just lick it will bite into a gel capsule."


Antifreeze is perhaps the most common cat poison because it is used extensively by cat haters and nasty people who want to kill cats who are out and about on the street and in back gardens. 

People put down antifreeze to kill cats. Yes, they do that and antifreeze destroys kidney function which leads to kidney failure and inevitably death.

Strings and ribbons

The veterinarian says that the third item on her list is strings, ribbons, sewing needles and thread. These are particularly hazardous because cats like to mess around with them and investigate and sometimes ingest them which means that they have a nasty foreign body inside their throat, stomach or intestines where they can form an obstruction or the gastrointestinal tract is pierced by the foreign object.

Dog flea treatments

In the fourth item that Dr. Savageau would list in the top four common toxic items that she deals with as a veterinarian would be flea medications or flea treatments for dogs being used on cats. Dr. Savageau said that "Flea medications that are for dogs only are very toxic to cats."

I'm sure that there are many instances of people living with cats and dogs using the same flea treatment for their cat and dog which simply must not happen ever. 

And neither can cat food be given to dogs and dog food be given to cats. They both have a particular requirement for a particular diet and nutrients in food. For a short period, you can feed one species the other species' food but only for a short period. Do it for a long time and there will be health problems.

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