Thursday, September 28, 2023

Why do dogs eat anything but cats are picky?

Cat are not picky eaters per se. There is one major reason and one minor reason why dogs eat anything can cats are pickier:

  • Dogs are omnivores which means that they eat a variety of both plant and animal foods and;
  • There may be an issue with bitter taste receptors in the cat which makes them pickier.

Strangely, the articles on this topic seem to hint that the major difference is that cats have more bitter taste receptors than dogs but it seems obvious to me that it must be because dogs are omnivores and cats are strict carnivores.

You can almost stop the discussion there because the range of foods available to an omnivore is much wider than that which is available to a carnivore. This naturally means that dogs are able to eat almost anything while cats have to eat prey animals such as mice and birds or manufactured foods that mimic these prey animals. 

Cats might eat a little bit of grass to aid in digestion or to obtain the folic acid from the grass but by and large domestic cats are genuinely carnivorous and you won't see them eating plant type foods. P.S. there are seven possible reasons by cats eat grass - click this to read about them! P.P.S. the snow leopard is the world's best cat plant eater!

It is just not in their character and their character has been created through evolution over eons. Don't forget that the carnivorous nature of domestic cat is directly inherited from the North African wildcat which is a small wildcat living in semiarid conditions.

Click this to read about the bitter taste receptors of cats.

Note: cats are not picky eaters. Just sensible and in line with their evolved anatomy.

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