Thursday, October 5, 2023

Cats watching cat television seated like humans

You tell me if these photos are photo-edited or real because I am unsure. Nowadays the photo-editors have become so proficient at manipulating images that it is all but impossible to tell if an image is manufactured. And with AI coming in quickly it is harder. Some of the AI images are amazingly realistic which is worrying as it is easy for people with dangerous agendas to spread disinformation using social media and create trouble. Anyway, that is another matter. Let's concentrate on cats for a minute.

'Cat television' is the window to the outside not human television as you probably know. For indoor cats looking out the window is very important. It gives them hours of enjoyment. So put the cat tree next to the best window you have and let your cat spend hours snoozing and watching the world go by.

The best windows are those that look out onto the backyard if there is a bit or a lot of wildlife in the backyard. It'll get them chattering as they practice their killing bite. You know how cats chatter when they see a bird outside but they can't get at it because they are indoors all the time? It is called a vacuum activity because it happens in a vacuum meaning it is not real; a bit like air guitar.

If you want my verdict on the photos, which are from the Cheeseburger website incidentally, I'd say that they are fake. Cats just don't sit like this. Some might do it in exceptional circumstances but it would be extremely rare.

The pictures remind me of a Maine Coon eerily sitting on top of a chest of drawers in the same way. Here is the picture which has fascinated the internet for a while. We are still working out if it is real. Once again, I'd say that it is not.

Real of fake? Certainly, bizarre and eerie. Image in the public domain.

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