Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Distressing video example of cat separation anxiety in action

This cat was apparently left alone for a mere 30 minutes. They would appear to have a very close connection with their human companion. You can see that the cat is suffering from separation anxiety. She is howling and looks confused. It's unclear why she is carrying a lead around in her mouth but I will guess. 

The owner probably takes her out on a lead from time to time for a walk. The cat might be an indoor cat. And therefore, this cat understands that in order to get outside she must have a lead and therefore grabs it in her mouth and is trying to offer it up to their owner who isn't present. It's all instinctive behaviour so it doesn't make sense but that's my take on this.

And, I think you will agree with me that it is a distressing video in a kind of subtle way. It might not bother some people but what I see here is a cat in distress and stressed. And separation anxiety is very common and it can and does cause stress. Stress can lead to health problems. And in addition, cat owners who are away from home quite a lot tend to put down dry cat food because it is convenient.

Dry cat food is clearly dehydrated food and it causes mild dehydration in the cat because they don't really compensate for that lack of moisture in the food by drinking more. This is because of their wild cat ancestor's inheritance in terms of behavioural traits. This kind of scenario can lead to cystitis. It might lead to other health problems.

And people say how does my cat know when I'm going to come home because they are always behind the door when I arrive. Well, if that person has a fixed routine, then the cat's internal clock will help guide them went to wait by the front door but if their owner is absent for a non-routine reason then their cat won't know when he or she is going to return and under those circumstances, I believe, they will wait behind the front door or near the front door for many hours.

It is even plausible to suggest that they might remain there all day. They might be desperate to be reunited with their human caregiver. I think cat owners should be aware of this potential problem. And it may also be useful if they purchase a camera trap video camera for around $40 on Amazon which will be motion sensor activated and which will allow them to quite possibly detect what their cat is up to when they are away. You may need two or three of the cameras in different rooms to get the full picture. I think it would be money well spent.

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