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Lost cat found in mineshaft by the family's dog who insisted the owner followed her

Daisy, a dog, lives with Michele Rose together with Mowgli and Baloo, both cats. And then one day Mowgli went missing and he was lost six days at which time Michele Rose had almost given up hope of seeing him again.

Daisy and Mowgli. Picture: Michele Rose.

But she said that she saw Daisy "going berserk". She was running in and out of the woods near her home in Harrowbarrow, a village in East Cornwall, England, UK.

Near Michele Rose's home there is an old mineshaft, part of the Prince of Wales old mine workings, discontinued long ago.

Daisy insisted that Michele followed her and guided her along a footpath towards the mineshaft where she stopped dead in her tracks.

Michele said that Daisy "was persistent in making me follow her, it was amazing."

She added that Daisy "is a superstar, she's an amazing dog."

She had stopped dead at the exact spot where Mowgli had fallen into the mineshaft to a depth of about a hundred feet (30 m).

Michele was able to call the RSPCA who I believe called Cornwall Fire and Rescue but at the time they located Mowgli it became too dark too quickly, and they had to return the next day when they were successful in rescuing Mowgli.

Remarkably, he was uninjured and pulled to safety. While inside his carrier, Mowgli was greeted by Baloo. They did a friendly nose touching greeting - see below.

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Lost cat found in mineshaft by the family's dog who insisted the owner followed her
Baloo meets Mowgli after his rescue from the mineshaft. Picture: RSPCA.

Michele Rose said that she adopted Mowgli and Baloo in December 2022 as kittens and introduced them to Daisy, the resident dog at that time.

Daisy was a year old when she met the kittens and they made friends immediately and have been inseparable ever since.

Daisy behaves a bit like a mother to the cats and puts up with them. She is very protective of them and in return they love her.

The story is just another little example of how dogs and cats have very close relationships and where the dog can sometimes act as a mother. Many dogs like being mothers and if there are no puppies then little kittens will do just nicely thank you very much.

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