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33% of women avoid going to the doctors because of anxiety and embarrassment (UK)

This is not strictly speaking about cats and I apologise if you want to read about cats only 😒. The truth is I have more or less run out of articles about cats because I written well over 20,000 articles over the years. Yes, a staggering amount and I hope you can understand why I have run out more or less.

But this is a study which I think is very significant. The Independent newspaper reports that a third of women steer clear of doctors because of anxiety and embarrass according to a study.

There is an indirect reference to cats here because a lot of single women look after cats. They do so company and cat companions make great company. 

Vet fees

There is an interesting side issue here as well because I've just written about the extortionate (as far as I'm concerned) veterinary fees in the UK because of a corporate takeover of independent veterinarians

Vet fees are so high in the UK now that if a cat is badly injured in an accident the average cat owner will have to have their cats euthanised rather than treated unless it is covered by medical insurance. That's my personal assessment.

Women's inequality

Anyway, back to women and their inequality in the UK. A study by The Fawcett Society reveals that almost 66% of British women believed that their health problems are not taken seriously. And about a third reported suffering from poor health due to their gender.

Partnering with The Fawcett Society were researchers for the not-for-profit healthcare provider Benenden Health in this study. They discovered that six in 10 women have had a negative encounter with healthcare professionals while a third believed that they were given a late diagnosis.

The study polled 10,000 women in the UK. It also revealed that a third believe that their illness was misdiagnosed. And 25% say that they were placed on the wrong medication.

It reveals a stark inequality in the UK today said the chief executive of The Fawcett Society, Jemima Olchawski.

The Independent newspaper also reported in their exclusive research that "a third of those with with a women's health condition have been made to wait three years or longer for a diagnosis."

It also believed that health conditions affecting women receive less funding and research. 

And a number of studies appear to confirm that women suffering from painful conditions are taken less seriously than men under similar circumstances.

The newspaper paints a high degree of inequality between men and women with respect to medical care. I don't know if this is true but the study states that it is. 

The most worrying part of it is in the headline to this article with a high percentage of women simply not going to see a GP because of anxiety and embarrassment. The government needs to look at this very seriously.

Poor mental health drives youth inactivity to new high in the UK

It may be particularly relevant today because there is a high percentage of young people with poor mental health who are economically inactive and on long term benefits. A lot of these will be young women. 

One in five adults who are not in work and are not looking for jobs are apparently on benefits. And it seems that poor mental health has pushed people out of work. Perhaps some of these people are the women I refer to.

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