Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oriental Shorthair Picture

A beautiful Helmi photograph of a very impressive cat. The Oriental Shorthair is a purebred cat that was created in the mid 20th century by breeders to allow them to break out of the constraints of the Siamese cat pointing. The Oriental Shorthair is a contemporary looking Siamese cat with a very wide range of colors. As you can see this is a slender cat at the opposite end of the spectrum to the Persian. Breeders call the slender appearance "oriental" (see cat body types). Initially the breeding program produced a cat that was not so slender. Today in terms of temperament and physique this is a Siamese cat. Without wishing to be critical, the modern Siamese cat has one of the longest lists of potential inherited diseases as will this closely associated cat breed. In the UK, the GCCF classify the "Oriental" cat into eight different coat types (colour/pattern/length). The cat in the picture looks like a silver tabby and white. Through selective breeding the tabby pattern on the body has been almost eliminated to produce a speckled black-on-silver finish.

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