Sunday, December 25, 2011

Peterbald Cat Picture

A flashy cat photograph by the celebrated Helmi Flick of a Peterbald cat whose name is "Flashy". This is a playful cat that should also be somewhat vocal and demanding as it is a hybrid purebred cat, the result of mating a Don Sphynx with the Oriental Shorthair. The Oriental SH is non-pointed Siamese and the Siamese is vocal! Phew. The Don Sphynx as you might have guessed is a hairless cat, very similar to the Sphynx. The Peterald is a Russian cat breed named after the city St. Petersberg - the "Peter" in St. Petersberg being extracted for the name and added to "bald". However, this cat is not always totally bald. In Flashy you can see the pattern of what would have been his fur if he had some! He is a bicolor. The purpose of this hybrid was to create a more slender hairless cat than the Don Sphynx. It is a recent cat breed (1994) and a rare cat. Read and see more....

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