Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clothes Hanger Cat Picture

Here's a nice picture of a tabby cat who likes his Dad; his human Dad. It's a clothes hanger cat picture. You see quite a lot of these on the Internet! Why do I say that he likes his male human companion? Because he is sleeping on his clothes. The clothes smell of the person who wears them and these are all trousers. And there are suits at the left hand end! LOL. Cats sleep in and on objects that smell of their beloved human companion because it makes them feel secure. My Charlie always goes to the spot in my bed where I slept the moment I leave the bed.

It just so happens that the clothes are on hangers in a wardrobe. But who cares, if you're a cat.  Of course, it takes a little bit of acrobatic maneuvering to get into a row of clothes hangers without slipping but once again, not a bother for the agile domestic cat. The picture is in the public domain. I cleaned it up a bit.


  1. That is my cat. His name is Tigar.

    1. Wow. You are a good cat caretaker I believe. Thanks for telling me.