Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Picture of Scottish Wildcat Catching Prey

A very active and dynamic picture of a Scottish wildcat catching prey by Rosie of Rosemarie Lamb Photography. The photo is protected by copyright - ask if you want to use it, please. The cat is in an enclosure but this is still an excellent photograph. You won't see a Scottish wildcat photograph like this very often if ever. You can see the brown/grey tabby coat of this rare wildcat (400 left). And you can see those deadly claws, a part of large paws. The cat's body is twisted. The left hind leg is pointing to the rear. The expression on the face is priceless.  The Scottish wildcat is similar to a domestic tabby cat only a little bigger, heavier and well..wilder! It is said to be very fierce when cornered. This wildcat mates with domestic cats producing hybrids, which dilute the purebred stock of this wild cat. This is the greatest threat to its survival in the wild. Read more about sightings...See Rosie's original photo on Flickr (I made some small adjustments).

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