Monday, January 2, 2012

Tonkinese Cat Picture

Another beautiful and active cat picture by Helmi Flick. This Tonkinese cat picture shows what I believe to be a lilac, fawn or blue mink Tonkinese. Despite picking three colors, I am probably incorrect as the pointing is very subtle! Please leave a comment if you have the answer. The Tonkinese looks almost like a traditional Siamese cat in terms of body shape with a different range of body and pointing colors due to it being a Burmese/ Siamese hybrid. It is a nice, moderate cat, not bred to extreme. That I think this is its strength. You can see the more rounded head and shorter face than the Siamese show cats or indeed the Thai cats (called old style Siamese). They are like Applehead Siamese in this respect although breeders would not like me making that comparison, I suspect. The coat is fine and close lying as can be seen in Helmi's photo. This makes for very easy maintenance.

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