The National Cat Club Show 2007 Part 2

Here's some more photographs from the 2007 National Cat Club Show. The club is the oldest in the world. Click on the "Cat Show" label in the left margin for more on this show.
This charming little cat was on her Mom's shoulder while she chatted to someone.

Humbug Holly a non-pedigree cat looking like one. He is a kitten (you wouldn't believe it) and he posed calmly and with purpose for the camera.

This is Dillon an Exotic Shorthair (a mix of Persian - the Ultra Face - and British Shorthair). He looks regal and the boss.

This is Casper a Sphynx kitten of 16 weeks looking a bit agitated but he was a great boy.

It is pretty stressful potentially for some of the cats, while they wait to be judged in their cages. Some hide under a comfort blanket, some sleep in the cat litter and some go half way and make a little nest with the help of their mistress in the blanket. This is an example.


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