Women Prefer Cats to Men

I receive a newsletter from Dr. Jon who runs a website called PetPlace. They asked their readers some questions about cats and men - "54.1% preferred the company of cats to men" and only a miserly 5.6% preferred the company of men.

OK, so women prefer cats. Not a bad decision really. I prefer cats too :) What do men refer? I am not sure why the survey didn't put the same question to men about women and cats. Maybe they did but we haven't heard the result yet. Maybe 55% of men prefer cats to women but I think that highly unlikely. Why? Because if men are to prefer another animal to women, the animal would be a dog.

In another posting I discussed why women prefer cats to dogs and why men prefer dogs to cats. That is at least a partial answer as to why women prefer cats to men. By the way women still need men and that must be why they stick around. Why do they need men? Because we run the world. Back to cats..

The reason why women prefer cats to dogs is because they are allowed to be more of an individual in the role of home building (this is gradually changing). Men work in packs as they are essentially cave men. As a cave man he had to hunt in packs to kill prey - we haven't changed on that fundamental level.

That established, it is a small step to presume that women prefer animals that are individuals and therefore find it difficult to prefer the company of men. But, they do have a propensity to like the more rebellious man, the man who is an individual.

photograph reproduced under creative commons copyright sean dreilinger


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