Sphynx Cat Breeders

Sphynx cat breeders are best found, at least initially, on the internet. Let's say that today (2011) searching for a breeder probably starts on the internet. A search can be made more efficient by checking the breeder's website with a critical eye as you can learn quite a lot from a website about the kind of people that you are going to deal with when you come to adopt a cat. However, I agree with a comment to this post, that a breeder does not have to have a website at all to be a good breeder. It is just that an excellent website gives a good impression. However, there is no substitute for visiting the breeding cattery and asking questions. Helmi Flick says it is a must in fact. It is common sense really.

First and foremost and more important than the way the site looks, it has to be functional. That means readability, excellent content and good navigation. Some noticeable inbound links to the site in question would indicate that people want to link to the site. This indicates a well established business.

In general it has to be said that cat breeder websites are not that great in my opinion. They tend to be a bit tasteless (sorry for that but it's my view). Some, though, do stand out.

Cat breeders could do a lot worse than had a good look at the CFA site which is obviously good but noticeably better than the next biggest cat registry TICA. Update: the CFA has been updated and it has gone wrong.

See a glorious Sphynx cat picture....

Here is my selection of Sphynx Cat Breeders from a Google search:

AAA Diamond Sphynx
Based in the USA, Pittsburg. This website is the first listed site of a cat breeder not being part of a directory site. It has a Google PageRank. It is quite a good looking clean site, readable and functional.

Sphynx Cats
Based in Birkdale, QLD, Australia. Nice functional site. This site is the next ranked site on a Google search. The webmasters newsletter dried up in 2005. May not be a bad sign. But the website should be altered if the place for newsletters is not being utilised.

Furless Felines Sphynx
I liked this site for the sensible advice it gave. The breeder gave me the impression from this site that she a) new what she was doing and b) cared enough to do it. This on the face of it makes her a good breeder. It is not immediately clear where they are located. I guess it's the USA.

Australian cattery. One of the first if not the first in Australia. Site looks good. Have co-authored a book on the breed.

Sundancebare Cattery
Located in USA. Salt Lake City. This looks like a very good breeder indeed. Recommended.

Ryejoli Sphynx
Very impressive opening page of site which loads quickly despite there being large images. Based in Southern New Mexico.

The above sites are from the first two pages of Google listing.

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Anonymous said…
I purchased a sphynx kitten off the breeders you listed that reside in Birkdale,Queensland and it was a nightmare!The kitten i was sold for $1500 was born with a genetic birth defect and almost died at 8 months of age.He had to undergo life saving surgery and medical treatment at a cost of over $3000.When i notified the breeders,they were ignorant,rude and refused to help me!I absolutely adore my sphynx cat and wouln't give him up for anything!It is very upsetting that i now have a much loved pet that will not live a long life,and that the breeders just do not seem to care!I would hate this to happen to another family!
Michael Broad said…
Hi, first thanks for the comment. Anyone visiting can now qualify my listing with your experience and I am so sorry to hear of your experience. Genetic defects in purebred cats is one of my pet concerns (excuse the pun). I have a page on it here:

Genetic Diseases in Purebred Cats
Katy Greene said…
I purchased two sphynx kittens from Barecats Sphynx. The kittens are wonderful. These are very nice people that obviously devote a lot of time and love to their kittens. We were able to visit in person and all of the cats were great. They were all so friendly and social. I highly recommend them. They are located in Oklahoma, but told me they do ship the kittens. Check out their website, it is awsome and very informative.
Anonymous said…
I purchased a cat from Michele Pritchard from AAA Diamond Sphynx. The cat had HCM & died. I could not get this woman to answer her phone so I went to her house. I got there & she was strung out on drugs & it was a mess.
I heard she is in jail now I left for it was a very bad neighboorhood.
Unknown said…
That is a shame. Sorry to hearof this!
Sphynx Cat Forum
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I purchased a sphynx cat from Barecats in Oklahoma May 2009. I would highly recommended getting a cat from Mrs. Kim. I love my Sphynx cat so much!! She is very affectionate, and she came very well socialized. I would say great job to Mrs Kim for that. :) I have pug and she adapted to my dog as if they grew up together. You can tell she was well taken care of before I got her, and grew up around other animals. That really made me happy!! I have been thinking about getting another one from Kim because I am so pleased with the first cat I got. Mrs. Kim answered all of my questions to the fullest, and when I emailed her a month ago she was quick to email me back. I drove to Oklahoma to get my little girl, and I would do it again. I have been very pleased with how my little girl turned out, and wouldn't know what to do without her. I am very pleased with this breeder, and like I said I am thinking about getting another Sphynx from her.
(From Louisiana)
Anonymous said…
First of all I would like to say that when people post a comment -- they should be honest. And for you people out there reading the bad stuff and taking it all to heart-- please realize that there are always two sides to every story. As a breeder I know that I strive to raise healthy pets. Most of the time things are great with the pets and the owners. But as with life-- not everything is always perfect. I think that the true test of a good breeder is how they handle the not so good situations when they do happen.
Kim said…
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Kim said…
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Kim said…
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Anonymous said…
I, too have purchased 2 Sphynx cats (Smeagol & Scarlet) from Kim at Barecats and even offered to be a reference for Kim, (which she has taken me up on several times). I LOVE my cats and would buy 10 more from Kim if my husband would let me! Smeagol injured his paw 2 Thanksgivings ago and I needed an opinion on what to do since my vet wasnt open and I called her and she answered her phone to talk to me on Thanksgiving while she was cooking!! She was so helpful and calming and I have emailed her a few times over the years and have always received communication from her. My cats are happy and healthy and I highly recommend her. My next sphynx will come from Kim, no doubt about it.
~Lindsay in St Louis
Anonymous said…
Oh and I also wanted to mention that both of my cats look quite different from their itty bitty baby pictures- the kittens really do mature all of a sudden it seems at a certain age. Also, it is well known to her clients that some of the parent cats are kept at her mom's- you cant keep more than a certain number of un-nuetered male cats together for obvious reasons. I find it extremely hard to believe one of Kim's kittens was shipped with "really bad ear mites" as said above, and if I were Kim I would have been interested in knowing who told you that information, too! Especially if it wasnt true! Who wouldnt want to know who is spreading rumors about the health of one of their kittens? Please stop bashing her on the health of her kittens when you dont even own one of her kittens.
~Lindsay in St Louis
Anonymous said…
I love my sphynx. I got her from Nairyahair. Ann thank you so much for a loving a beautiful girl, we named her Chloe.
Jessica M. in California
Anonymous said…
I bought my Spyhnx from Hairless Gems cattery in Delmar Deleware. I bought my cat for 700 with breeding rights. They are the cheapest Breeder and i plan on buying a few more from them.
Anonymous said…
I have no idea how the correlation between a website and quality of kittens being offered. Some of the best breeders I know are small, don’t “produce” many litters and have no need to have a website with flash and extra frills. Actually many of the sites I see with all that garb, don’t scan their cats for HCM or offer decent health guarantees and are really in it for the $$$…
I hope people will educate themselves with facts and take the time to find a good breeder. I think going to a cat show is better than the internet...
You get what you pay for...

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