Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Best Leopard Picture?

Big Cat "Leopard"
Originally uploaded by S@ilor
This is a great picture of the common leopard. I have not seen better. The cat must be about a foot from the camera and the lens appears to be a wide angle.

It seems that the photographer took the photo in Spain in a zoo near Malaga although I am not sure.

The leopard has the widest range (distribution) of all the cats but it is diminishing due to human activity. Human population growth, which is uncontrolled is gradually squeezing the leopard and the other cats out of their habitats.

There are a number of species of leopard. One of the best known with a magnificent coat pattern is the clouded leopard. The coat pattern has the appearance of clouds, hence the name. The clouded leopard is a tree dweller and forest lover, while the common leopard is a generalist; it can go almost anywhere and eat anything.

It has to to survive in a hostile world that is essentially man made.

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