Sunday, January 17, 2010

Feline Stare

Feline Stare
Originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas

Yes, this is a fine photograph by the well known cat photographer on Flickr, fofurasfelinas. This cat is staring straight into the camera. Cats don't usually like to hold stares (at people). My cat for example tends to look away and then glances at me. Maine Coon cats tend to stare at us more purposefully. Why is this?

It is probably to do with dominance in a group. Where a cat is subservient he or she will turn away. Where a cat is more dominant, a more relaxed stare is possible or comfortable for the cat.

When I look into the eyes of my cat I ask myself whether she is looking at me as I am looking at her, knowingly and lovingly. I like to feel that she is.

This picture was taken at a cat sanctuary in Brazil at Foz do IguaƧu, Brazil. The cat is called Cali.

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