Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cat meeting!

Cat meeting!
Originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas
Why is this picture called Cat Meeting so good in a quiet unassuming way? It is the subtle interplay between the light and shade, the textures of the tiles and widow grill and the cat coats being black and white and striped (the tail of the brown cat).

Then throw in the dynamic position of the cats and it gels together.

It is the making of a fine cat photograph from quite unpromising material. Look how the black pattern on the black and white cat is mirrored in the tiles for instance.

I also like the angle of the head of the black cat in relation to the head of the brown cat. There is a nice continuous line from the black cat through to the cat in the sink.

Great photo Giane, well done. You are a brilliant cat photographer.

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