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Mysterious Cat Behind A Curtain

SOOC Originally uploaded by Emily Raw This is an unusual photograph of a cat behind a semi-transparent curtain. It is a simple picture but it captures the mysteriousness of the cat. We don't know what is going on the head of a cat. We usually communicate on our terms. It would nice and very usual for cat owners if some science was introduced to the debate and we began to really understand what is in the mind of a cat . That said if we get close to our cat and our cat's routines we begin to understand him or her. Being retired and working on the Pictures of cats org website I am with my cats all the time, which means a close bond is bound to be created at which point a pretty clear understanding about what goes on can be achieved. Despite being behind a curtain you can still tell a lot about this cat. This cat is a tabby cat. Now that does not say much because tabby cats are pretty common. Some purebred cats are tabby cats. An example is the American shorthair. Anot

Siamese Cat in a Sanctuary

Just watching Originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas This is a Siamese sanctuary cat, meaning a Siamese rescue cat. And how did that come about? There are a lot of questions surrounding this cat for me anyway. The sanctuary in question is in Brazil at Foz do Iguacu. That is where the magnificent waterfalls are. The first question is, is this a purebred Siamese cat? I have no idea but he (I would say that this cat is a male - I am certain of that in fact) is good looking enough to be purebred. In fact he looks gorgeous but I am not saying that in reference to the breed standard as I am sure there are things that are wrong in a technical way. The first noticeable point in respect of the breed standard is that this cat is a traditional Siamese cat or a classic Siamese cat. Now, the classic is half way between the traditional and the modern and the modern Siamese is the only type of Siamese that is accepted by the major cat associations. The modern Siamese, in case you were not s

Cat is missing a leg

Charlie, a 3 legged cat, likes to take the meerkat position Originally uploaded by broadsurf My cat is missing a leg and as a result he can and he likes to take up the meerkat position. By the meerkat position I mean he likes to stand on his back legs, use his tail as a stabiliser, a kind of third leg of a tripod and he then talks. The reason he can do it is because his lower back is extremely strong. This came about because he has to use his lower back to lift his entire body to lift his remaining foreleg of the ground when he is walking or running. His style of walking and running in peculiar but pretty fast nonetheless. The meerkat position gives him an edge. it gets him noticed and he notices things when he stands tall like this. What cuts him out is that he does it so often and so naturally. Sometimes he will do it right in front of me so that we are almost face to face having a cosy conversation, which is always about food and where it is going to come from and when it i