Thursday, March 11, 2010

Siamese Cat in a Sanctuary

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This is a Siamese sanctuary cat, meaning a Siamese rescue cat. And how did that come about? There are a lot of questions surrounding this cat for me anyway. The sanctuary in question is in Brazil at Foz do Iguacu. That is where the magnificent waterfalls are.

The first question is, is this a purebred Siamese cat? I have no idea but he (I would say that this cat is a male - I am certain of that in fact) is good looking enough to be purebred. In fact he looks gorgeous but I am not saying that in reference to the breed standard as I am sure there are things that are wrong in a technical way.

The first noticeable point in respect of the breed standard is that this cat is a traditional Siamese cat or a classic Siamese cat. Now, the classic is half way between the traditional and the modern and the modern Siamese is the only type of Siamese that is accepted by the major cat associations. The modern Siamese, in case you were not sure, is very slender (called foreign type in the cat fancy) with a long delicate head and a refined body and overall appearance. Well, that is the intention, to create a refined looking cat. More refined than the more normal looking traditional Siamese.

So, technically this is not (by USA standards) a Siamese cat! Weird that as he definitely is to everyone who sees him. I think his pointing is great. It is seal (dark brown) pointing. This is the original classic pointing of the Siamese cat. The same type of pointing that was in existence in Siam originally (now Thailand). These days Siamese cats can have all kinds of pointing if the cat is registered other than with the CFA.

What about those eyes? Deep gorgeous blue. That is correct for the Siamese. But is there a hint of a squint? I think that there is and Siamese are known to be predisposed to a squint. In which case it is a no, no for the show ring. That said who cares. This is a beautiful cat, who is well cared for in a wonderful sanctuary in Brazil. That is all that matters. Why is he is a sanctuary though?

The photo is by the great Giane Portal, forfurasfelinas is her Flickr name.

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Lee said...

I love the Siamese; but I especially love the snowshoe cat because it has the Siamese genes. Let's not forget about the chartreux cat. And lastly, abyssinian cats are my other favorites.

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