Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mysterious Cat Behind A Curtain

Originally uploaded by Emily Raw
This is an unusual photograph of a cat behind a semi-transparent curtain. It is a simple picture but it captures the mysteriousness of the cat. We don't know what is going on the head of a cat. We usually communicate on our terms. It would nice and very usual for cat owners if some science was introduced to the debate and we began to really understand what is in the mind of a cat.

That said if we get close to our cat and our cat's routines we begin to understand him or her. Being retired and working on the Pictures of cats org website I am with my cats all the time, which means a close bond is bound to be created at which point a pretty clear understanding about what goes on can be achieved.

Despite being behind a curtain you can still tell a lot about this cat. This cat is a tabby cat. Now that does not say much because tabby cats are pretty common. Some purebred cats are tabby cats. An example is the American shorthair. Another is the Abyssinian but this is a special kind of tabby coat where the is ticking rather than banding on the individual hair strands. You can see the banded hairs on this page about agouti ticked cat coats.

This cat has some partial "spectacles" - I am referring to the white fur around the eyes. Bengal cats have this as does the Asian Leopard cat. So is this a Bengal cat? Well I think not but at a pinch it could be.

However, Bengal cats are more lithe or foreign in appearance and this cat looks substantial and quite cobby, which is not the conformation demanded under the breed standard as far as I am aware.

OK, a mysterious cat behind a curtain and I have been trying to figure out what kind of cat it is. My guess: a good looking male, brown, mackerel tabby cat of good size who is well loved and quite active.

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