Thursday, April 1, 2010

Three Legged Black Cat and Feet

Er...what can I say about this photograph. Well, they are my feet. British feet. White feet and a black cat.Yes, that sounds nice. And this black cat is talking to me as near as he can get to face to face, which makes me listen.

When I am in bed he does the same thing, stands up on his hind legs and talks to me face to face. This certainly gets my attention. What does he want?

The In this instance it is breakfast. I had just got up and he started to perform so I thought that I had better get the camera and he kept on doing his tricks.

Eventually his insistence was such that I had to stop and feed him. Standing up like that for a good 20 seconds or more sometimes is an effective way to see and be seen. He can make a statement.

His name is Charlie and he has three legs which gave him his strong back which in turn allows him and encourages him to use it to position himself in the "meerkat position".

Most cats do this but for a very short time (say 1-2 seconds). Dwarf cats are known for it. But big black cats are not, unless you lost your right foreleg and are Charlie.

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