Saturday, May 28, 2011

Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat a video by broadsurf on Flickr.
A Siberian cat video with a difference! Sorry to impose myself on people but it helps SEO to do short videos and upload them to Flickr. That is essentially the reason why I am doing them not because I like looking at myself on the internet - far from it. SEO means "search engine optimisation" getting Google to bloody well find your work...

At the moment Google likes Flickr. God knows why. Maybe it is about to buy it.

Ahhhh..back to the cat. I love the Siberian cat because it is one of those cat breeds that looks like it more or less looked as it did when it was a moggie.

I don't like the overdeveloped cat breeds such as the skinny, rat faced modern Siamese (as one example). This is just my point of view. I respect the viewpoints of other people, of course.

The Vikings?! What the hell am I talking about? They come from Norway. They might have been the first from Europe to discover the American continent. They might have brought ships cats. These cats might have been the forerunner of the Maine Coon and they might also have been a Siberian cat or a Norwegian Forest Cat. Norway is next to Russia after all.


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